what is demsolib?

1) Democratic: Constitutional Democracy. 

2) Socialist: Universal healthcare, free college, food-clothing-shelter as a human right, a Green Energy New Deal, a post-scarcity society, clean up our polluted planet, money out of politics. 

3) Libertarian: Protect civil liberties, end the wars, end the surveillance state, break up the banks, low barrier entry for entrepreneurs, small business-friendly government, commerce that operates under the rule of law, no corporate monopolies, government stays out of people's personal lives, transparent government, a free press.   

If you prefer a post-scarcity democratic society headed toward a Star Trek future over totalitarian rule by global elites, or a dead radioactive planet, subscribe and join the consciousness revolution with the Democratic Socialist Libertarian. We are at the crossroads of humanity's survival.  

Sign up for the mailing list to join the discussion on how we got here- and how we break the belief paradigms that brought us to system failure.    

Billions crushed economically. Millions killed and maimed in scam wars for profit. A corrupt political system. Civil liberties and democratic institutions- gutted. Complete destruction of Earth’s ecosystems so a small group of oligarchs, banks, and corporations can control the planet and its resources.

The American empire is collapsing. The managers are tightening the screws. Neoliberalism turns into neofascism. It won’t end well. Humanity stands at a species crossroads. Do we devolve into a Mad Max radioactive Dark Ages or evolve into a Type 2 Star Trek society? 

join the consciousness revolution. 

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