The ruling elites have selected Kamala Harris as the Hillary Clinton 2.0 for the 2020 Presidential election. Ms. Harris is the perfect choice for manager of the death spiral corporatocracy, given her record of authoritarianism, and running defense for banksters during her tenure as California’s Attorney General.


A formal announcement of Ms. Harris’s Presidential candidacy from Verizon owned Huff Post:…

Kamala Harris cracked down on sex workers as CA Attorney General yet sexually prostituted herself for political power:…

The FOSTA-SESTA Act which Kamala Harris lobbied for & used to prosecute Backpage destroyed internet free speech:……

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The Democratic Socialist Libertarian:
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Kamala Harris Approved by G-l-o-b-a-l E-l-i-t-e-s as the Hillary Clinton 2.0 (Episode 54)

Feb 19, 2019

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